Safe Travels

by Cartographs

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First EP release


released October 23, 2014

All music & lyrics by Cartographs.
Produced, mixed & mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt.
Artwork by Liza Ørnskov Christensen.



all rights reserved


Cartographs Copenhagen, Denmark

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Track Name: Reminisce
Lost in sight
Out of sound
Trembling forward
Towards the clouds

Force the hand
Paint my mind
Retracing every step
Changing light

Past in present
Repeating his words to decipher the message

I'm sorry for placing you here my son
Don't lose all your days to the battles I've won
Achievement of failure it runs in our blood

Travel light, carry few, search through the burdens of my overdue
Find the faulter, correct and return stronger

One to all, all for one
A father faints at the sight of his sons
Memories enlighten our souls for once

And for the promises kept
And all the bottles we left behind
I know this heritage will come to pass

Don’t let it come, full circle
Don’t let it come, full circle

Pictures painted show signs of trouble
Paint brushes depict the unending rubble
The unending rubble

Reminisce the past
Reminisce the past
Reminisce the painted
Reminisce the painted
Before, all the fathers of sons, have fainted
Track Name: Safe Travels
Choose your fate they told me
But they never taught me how to change it once it was chosen
They never told me how to get a glimpse of your eyes again
Never once did I hear
Never once, was I taught

Printed your love, and with it's loss, the colours ran out
I see no shine from the sky, between what is left in the lines
Only this void, this empty room
Mindset deluded by passerbys
As I slaughter, another night

So, I wish you safe travels, along your way
Now and then
I've heard the wise say
That if you love someone you set them loose
You send them along their way
Along their way

Every day
Every day
I pray for your safe travels, everyday

I free myself from this emptiness
Fill up existence with suspense
Sights and sounds take me back to you
Thoughts and times I hope to come, true

But for now, I comfort myself
Knowing that I heeded what the wise would say
I pray for your safe travels everyday
Each and every day

I would have gone with you to the end
If I could I still would
But I find peace
That I've have given you greener pastures to ascend
Track Name: The Mountains We Move
I coursed off my lane
I’m lost in the backwoods
Above me the vultures fly
Above me the vultures fly
The vultures fly
The vultures fly

Feel´s like every stitch, is tearing up
I face my failures
I find my truth
It feels like another chance for resolution
I find my truth
I move mountains as proof

Whatever looking glass, I see this through
I'm still delinquent
I'm still a fool
It feels like hesitation, has lead me here
I'll have my truth
I move mountains as proof

These scarred up hands
Serves purpose to explain
Why I’m lost in these mountains
Ensnared in my thoughts

I feel like an avalanche
Running down the mountain
Even the strongest person
Can’t carry all the weight
Of the people he knew.
The people he knew
The people he knew

My future's caved beneath these hollow rocks
I'll give them reason
I'll show them flaw
It feels like a last display of condemnation
I'll show them nerve
Moving mountains in awe

Printed my hands in the river sand
Washed away in the sudden surge
For the mountains we move
Yields things anew
The mountains we move
The mountains we move
Track Name: The Promised Land
Passion twisted to love
The only one
Who can save me from this?
From my promise, of a masterpiece?

My heart is my guide
Constantly vexing me
But it's the compass
That I devote my purpose to

Let me fall and find
The demons that trust me
when I don't trust myself

I’m stuck to these blinders
Already living my dream
And I honestly know,
that I just don’t know it yet

The sky is still the same
No matter how far I go

Those things we pursued
Left us speechless and without a clue
A journey we took
In the shades of blue

When you see yourself
Emptied from you goals
Shaking off your hide
Desperately shouting

Find hope for me
Find hope for me
Find hope for me

But why keep on painting
layer upon layer of insecurity
but why fight for freedom
When you don’t get
Any peace at all
No peace at all
No peace at all

This is why I’m standing here
Clinging on to the paintbrush of existence
You designed me,
and I told you
Life isn't about finding yourself.
It's about creating yourself.
I will make this life a work of art
For no one else to see.

This is why I’m standing here with you,
My friend.